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Medical Devices

Along with an increase in patients who suffer from diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, early diagnosis and effective treatment have been essential. Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG, a PHC Group company, has been our valued partner through its distribution of PHC products globally over 20-plus years. Working together with Ascensia, we will continue to deliver highly accurate, easy-to-use inspection and analysis devices that can be used safely for patients. In this way, we hope to assist daily diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

ASCENSIA Diabetes Care

Main Products and Services

Healthcare IT

Enhancing healthcare service quality is in demand through promoting medical cooperation in various regions and the effective use of medical information, resulting in a growing need for healthcare information technology. In 1972, we became the first in Japan to market a receipt computer. Going forward, we will continue to offer industry-leading medical information systems for clinics and pharmacies and will make best use of the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.


Main Products and Services

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Total Health Management Solutions
    Total Health Management Solutions
  • Healthcare note service
    Healthcare note service

Life Sciences

Since our first pharmaceutical refrigerator model release in 1966, we have supported the leading-edge research through supplying equipment and services related to life sciences. The equipment and related services are essential for sample storage, incubating bacteria and cells, as well as maintaining a clean environment. For the healthcare and caregiving sectors as well, we offer solutions designed to improve the quality and efficiency of medication dispensing and food catering services. These efforts allow us to help build a better society.


Main Products and Services